KOHLER-SDMO is an example of how the association of world leaders creates strong and vibrant brands. In 2005, as a result of the purchase, SDMO became part of the KOHLER Group, and in 2016, thanks to a productive exchange of experience, practical skills, design and development ideas, KOHLER-SDMO power plants were born. KOHLER-SDMO generator sets are manufactured using the most modern developments, go through several stages of quality control and are equipped with reliable engines.

About company KOHLER-SDMO

The French concern SDMO was established in 1966 with the goal of distributing marine engines. Since 1969, the SDMO company began to produce generators, which predetermined the fate of the future, because now the only direction of the company is the production and sale of diesel, gasoline and gas generator sets.

Since the 70s, SDMO has been actively expanding its market influence. New commercial offices and factories are opening, the distribution network is rapidly developing and export to other continents is being successfully carried out. At the same time, the concern begins to produce portable generator sets. The center of the SDMO product line is equipment with backup and guaranteeing energy savings.
The simplicity of connecting the generator has become possible due to the simplicity of the location of all components. This feature is also important when quickly replacing elements in repair work. Compact, mobile gas generators quickly gained popularity around the world, and heavier diesel units with unlimited power quickly gained popularity in production and construction.
SDMO successfully supplies its generators to 150 countries of the world. This means that many buyers have the opportunity to purchase a truly high-quality and innovative product, which is the result of the work of several thousand professionals.


During construction, there is always a need for welding, but it is not always possible to connect the welding machine to a household electrical outlet. In addition, there is a need to use welding work as they say «in the fields» where there is no electricity as such, therefore, both for domestic needs and for professional use, mobile welding generators are used.

But how to choose the right generator for welding and not make a mistake in your choice? Indeed, today many models of various companies are available. By the way, we draw attention to the fact that, despite the wide selection of portable generators, it is the welding generators of leading European manufacturers that are most often purchased by consumers. There are few Chinese welding generators and welders of little-known brands on the market. This is because this type of equipment is rather complicated and is used, as a rule, by professionals, therefore the reliability of the generator is of paramount importance.


For high-quality welding of materials with all types of electrodes, DC welding units are preferred. These are exactly the KOHLER-SDMO welding generators presented on this site that provide the consumer with a two-in-one solution: an electric generator and a welding unit.

Current strength and correspondence of the diameter of the generator power electrode. Depending on the type of materials being welded, their thickness and operating conditions, important parameters when choosing a welding generator are the strength of the welding current, as well as the type and thickness of the electrode for welding.
The strength of the welding current, the minimum and maximum diameter of the electrode are indicated in the characteristics of the equipment, this should be paid attention to when choosing a generator.

All of the presented models of KOHLER-SDMO welding generators can be used as a conventional electric generator as an additional or backup source of electricity, due to the equipment with sockets. Therefore, when choosing a model, pay attention to the output power, if you need it.