HISTORY OF THE DEWALT TRADEMARK The qualities that have become the hallmark of the DEWALT trademark are true power, true reliability, real durability, amazing strength and amazing accuracy. The line of DeWALT Power Tools today is this: more than 300 models of various power tools with over 2,000 items of all sorts of accessories DeWALT’s worldwide recognition has allowed the brand to become the leader in sales volume in the saturated market of professional power tools in the vast North American. The last decade was for DeWALT the stage at which the brand received the title of the fastest growing brand in the segment of professional power tools.

Rightfully experiencing a real sense of pride R.E.DeWalt enthusiastically spoke of the first radial arm saw, dubbed the “Wonder-Worker”: “You buy a car and actually get true satisfaction, the most complete satisfaction!”. This event marked the beginning of the conquest of the high reputation of DEWALT among professionals who know a lot about the exclusiveness of reliable technology. The combination of yellow and black is a registered color scheme of DEWALT power tools and accessories.
Today, these remarkable traditions are implemented in a wide program of professional hand-held power tools and related accessories.

DeWALT has the highest requirements for the protection of nature, health and labor, constantly improving production processes, using advanced technologies and methods to control the level of environmental pollution.