This German company, known to professionals for the most part, began its work in 1924 in the field of various power tools. Recently, the First World War, the German economy is experiencing a terrible crisis. But this did not stop engineer Albrecht Schnizler and his companion Julius Closs.

Initially, the company was named after the founder — Schnizler GmbH. In 1929, it will be replaced by a more appropriate Metabowerke GmbH, and products began to be manufactured under the Metabo brand (derived from the word Metallbohrdreher, a term meaning hand drill). In those years, the company employed a little over 150 people, and the products were only one — metal drills. Production was located in the city of Nürtingen, which is located in Baden-Württemberg (Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany), where the headquarters of the company are still located today.

The Second World War was survived relatively painlessly. And then the pursuit of innovation and the production of high-quality products played a role. Representative offices abroad are starting to appear. By 1960, more than 1,000 people worked at the enterprise. Today, this figure has tripled, and annual revenues are measured in hundreds of millions of euros. And thanks to a number of successful acquisitions, Metabo Group has become one of the largest manufacturers of woodworking machines in the world. The company’s products are available in more than one hundred countries around the world.