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Makita BSS 610 RFE

Diameter of a disk, mm: 165
Power Source: Battery
Landing disc, mm: 20
Depth spent on drink 90 °, mm: 57
Battery voltage, V: 18
Cutting depth 45 °, mm: 40
Idling turns, rpm: 3700




Makita BSS 610 RFE — rechargeable circular saw for cutting in wood, chipboard, aluminum and other materials. Circular saw BSS 610 RFE has:

Sturdy stainless steel base plate; Powerful engine with braking system; The ergonomic handle with a soft slip for convenient work; Lock the power button to prevent accidental start; Cutting depth up to 57 mm at a cutting angle of 90 degrees and up to 40 mm at an angle of 45 degrees; Lithium ion battery; LED backlight for illumination of the cutting zone; Carbide disc with a diameter of 165 mm; The possibility of connecting the vacuum cleaner to ensure the purity of the surface. By purchasing the Makita BSS 610 RFE circular saw, you get a practical and powerful tool for performing fast cutting of various materials.







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