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Bosch GKF 600

Grip, mm: 6/8
Class: Professional
Power consumption, W: 600
Weight (tool), kg: 1.5
Idling turns, rpm: 33000





Bosch GKF 600 — a compact manual mill for processing edges.

Milling cutter GKF 600 has:

Smooth adjustment of the milling depth using the adjusting wheel and backlash-free fixation of the engine to ensure precise adjustment;
Ergonomic handle and compact size for one-hand operation when processing edges;
Aluminum stamped scale to fine-tune the required milling depth;
Spindle lock for quick replacement of the working tool;
A wide range of accessories for various edge processing tasks.
Having bought an edging milling cutter Bosch GKF 600, you will receive a professional tool for repair and finishing works.




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