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Bosch GSH 11 VC

Hit strength, J: 23
The frequency of strokes, 1 / min: 900-1700
Class: professional
Power consumption, W: 1700
Cartridge Type: SDS-max

Weight (tool), kg: 11




The jackhammer GSH 11 VC is designed for heavy construction and road works. Perfectly combines the weight of 11.4 kg. with a powerful engine of 1700 watts. Thanks to an optimized hammer mechanism and split handles, the demolition hammer has a low level of vibrations.

Features of the GSH 11 VC hammer:

adjustable impact force for optimal adjustment of the instrument to the desired mode of operation and to the material;
optimal operation of the tool for working in the floor or on the ground, as it is equipped with an elongated handle;
Long service life due to sturdy metal components.
Additional features of Bosch GSH 11 VC:

Vibration level at chiseling, m / s .: 8;
Dimensions (d * in), mm .: 680×236.
Professional jackhammer Bosch GSH 11 VC, will serve you for a long time and reliably.






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