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Bosch GSH 16-28

Impact strength, J: 41
Frequency of blows, 1 / min .: 1300
Power consumption, W: 1750
Type of cartridge: NEX (hexagon)
Weight (tool), kg: 17.9





Bosch GSH 16-28 — a powerful jackhammer for road works. The GSH 16-28 hammer possesses: Separate impact force — 41 J for maximum performance during dismantling; Vibration damping system, providing comfort in work even with long-term use of the tool; Large grip for exceptional handling; The optimal location of the switch eliminates the possibility of erroneous switching off the tool.The pick hammer Bosch GSH 16-28 is completed with: pike chisel — 1 pc .; additional handle; suitcase on wheels. The tool can be easily and conveniently transported in a special suitcase on rollers. Having bought a jackhammer Bosch GSH 16-28, you get a powerful and reliable tool for professional use.







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