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Bosch GSH 27 VC

Impact strength, J: 69

Frequency of strikes, 1 / min: 1000

Power consumption, W: 2000

Type of cartridge: NEX (hexagon)

Weight (tools), kg: 29.5




Bosch GSH 27 VC — the most powerful pick hammer for road works.

The GSH 27 VC hammer possesses:

The strength of a single blow is 69 J and 1000 beats per minute for maximum performance during dismantling;
Vibration damping system (only 8 m / s2), providing comfort in work even with long-term use of the tool;

High quality aluminum and steel components for an exceptionally long service life;
Ergonomic split handles with soft grip and low center of gravity for optimum comfort in use;
The antiskid surface preventing falling of the tool.
Having bought a jackhammer Bosch GSH 27 VC, you get a powerful and reliable tool for professional use.








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