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Bosch PBS 75 A

Size of sanding belt, mm: 75×533
Belt speed, m / min: 350
Class: Household
Power consumption, W: 710
Weight (tool), kg: 3.4

Bosch PBS 75 A is a reliable belt sander for any rough grinding work on large surfaces.


A powerful 710 W motor and a working surface of 76×165 mm ensure high removal rates of the material being processed with rough grinding;
The system of automatic centering of the abrasive tape allows you to keep the tape in the correct working position during operation;
The fastening system provides a simple and convenient replacement of sanding belts;
The built-in dust extraction element sucks dust directly into the microfiltration system;
High strength case;
The additional handle provides easy maintaining on the processed surface;
Compact design and improved ergonomics;
The possibility of stationary use with clamps (simple mount) or in the stand (universal mount).
Clamps and stand not included.
By purchasing a Bosch PBS 75 A belt grinder, you will receive a reliable tool for processing work.









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