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Bosch PKS 55

Class: Household
Power consumption, W: 1200
Diameter of a disk, mm: 160
Power Source: Network
Landing disc, mm: 20
Depth spent on drink 90 °, mm: 55
Depth of cut 45 °, mm: 38
Weight (tool), kg: 3.9
Idling turns, rpm: 5300



Bosch PKS 55 — circular saw, designed to perform cuts in wood, chipboard, aluminum and other materials. Equipped with a high-quality Speedline Wood saw blade.

The PKS 55 circular saw possesses:

1200W high-performance motor and a cutting depth of 55 mm;
Fine adjustment of the depth and angle of the bevel;
Excellent ergonomics and low weight for easy handling in the material;
A fuse switch with a random start inhibit;
The possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanliness of the workplace.
By purchasing a Bosch PKS 55 circular saw, you get a practical tool for performing sawing.







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