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Gorgeous, airy fabric chiffon firmly holds the position of fashionable material, from which are simply the masterpieces of various types of clothing. In the «Fabrics» shop there is an opportunity to buy chiffon in bulk, later creating summer, flowing dresses, fantastic skirts, blouses and even popular, flying chiffon pants.

The fabric has the properties of extraordinary lightness and translucency, which makes it suitable for creating a romantic image. As a result of a special technique of its production, consisting in a tight twisting of the threads, chiffon becomes a very thin fabric. A variety of characteristics (natural, synthetic) used yarns, gives the fabric additional properties.

Chiffon is available in different colors. If it became necessary to buy fabrics in bulk, you should know that bright colors are in fashion, with a variety of prints, flower drawings, neon shades. Chiffon is used not only for sewing festive clothing, but also for interior design. Air curtains of chiffon give the room a special charm.











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