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DeWalt D 25899K

Impact strength, J: 25
The frequency of strokes, 1 / min: 2040
Class: professional
Power consumption, W: 1500
Cartridge Type: SDS-max
Weight (tools), kg: 9.9

The demolition hammer DeWalt D25899K is designed for heavy construction and road works. High productivity pick hammer with light magnesium alloy body. Thanks to the compact linear design, the tool is easy to work in hard to reach places.

Features of the hammer DeWalt D25899K:

installation of chisels in 12 different positions;
ergonomic body linear design;
the multiposition lateral handle which provides convenient use of the tool.
Additional features of the D25899K:

Vibration level at chiseling, m / s .: 12;
Noise level, dB: 86
Dimensions (d * w * w), mm.: 650x250x127.
Professional demolition hammer DeWalt D25899K, will serve you for a long time and reliably.







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