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DeWalt D25413K

Impact strength, J: 4.2
Class: professional
Power consumption, W: 1000
Max. diameter of drilling (wood), mm: 32
Max. drilling diameter (metal), mm: 13
Modes: Drilling with a blow, Chiselling
Max. diameter of drilling with a bit, mm: 100
Weight (tools), kg: 4.2
Idling turns, rpm: 820
Speed ​​of blows, beats / min: 4700

The puncher DeWalt D25413 K is intended for drilling, with and without impact, holes in concrete, brick, with rubberized floating rear handle.

Features punch D 25413 K:

anti-vibration system;
built-in safety coupling;
electronic speed control;
advanced sealing system;
rotation lock for easy slotting;
ergonomic streamlined body shape.
Additional technical characteristics of DeWalt D25413 K:

Vibration level when drilling in concrete, m / s2: 8.2
Vibration level when drilling in metal, m / s2: 2.5
Vibration level at chiseling, m / s2: 7.1
Noise level, dB (A): 86
Dimensions (d * w * sh), mm .: 370x250x85.
By purchasing a punch DeWalt D 25413 K, you get a great low-noise tool with high performance.






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