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DeWalt DW 713

Class: Professional
Power consumption, W: 1600
Diameter of a disk, mm: 250
Cutting depth 90 °, mm: 162×41
Depth of cut 45 °, mm: 114×25
Range of tilt angles left / right, °: 48 / -3
Rotation angle range left / right, °: 50/50
Weight (tool), kg: 13.6

DeWalt DW 713 — miter saw for sawing lumber, boards, wooden frames for plasterboard structures, aluminum frames and profiles, soft plastics.

Miter saw DW 713 has:

A powerful 1600 W engine, providing an adequate supply of power for machining a workpiece 45 ° / 45 ° with a maximum cross section of 114 x 25 mm;
Improved pendulum mechanism to ensure smooth operation at any angle;
Compact design (the ability to fix the saw head) and low weight for easy transportation and storage;
11 grooves for the installation of the most frequently used facing angles;
Spindle lock for quick and easy disk replacement;
Sliding stop for additional support of the workpiece;
Precision scale of installation of corners of facing with the reliable mechanism of fixing;
Cam locking angle for maximum cutting accuracy;
Durable and lightweight aluminum platform.






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