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DRILL Metabo BEV 1300-2

Class: Professional
Type: Shock
Power, W: 1300
Max. drilling diameter (concrete), mm: 22
Max. drilling diameter (wood), mm: 40
Max. drilling diameter (metal), mm: 16
Modes: Drilling, Drilling with a blow
Weight, kg: 2.8
Diameter of the cartridge, mm: 1,5-13
Cartridge Type: Key
Number of work speeds: 2
Idling turns, rpm: 0-1100 / 0-3100
The number of beats, beats / min: 58900

Metabo SBEV 1300-2 — hammer drill for drilling holes in wood, metal, plastic, masonry and stone. High power and speed for drilling the most durable building materials.

Advantages of the Metabo SBEV 1300-2 hammer drill:

equipped with an engine with full protection against dust and moisture, as well as protection against overheating which ensures maximum service life;
safety is ensured by blocking the consumable tool in the event of jamming, as well as protection from restarting in case of power failures;
Pulse function provides easy and accurate drilling in smooth surfaces;
it is equipped with a spindle with an internal hexagon thanks to which it is possible to work without cartridge;

the system (VTC) not only makes it possible to regulate the revolutions in order to adapt to the chosen type of material, but also to maintain the revolutions under load;
the reverse function ensures gentle release of the drill from the hole, as well as loosen the nuts;
A special indicator reports broken coal brushes for timely replacement.
The hammer drill Metabo SBEV 1300-2 is completed with:

key cartridge;
additional handle;
drilling depth limiter.
Metabo SBEV 1300-2 — hammer drill for drilling and drilling holes with a punch, for work at a construction site, for production, repair, etc.








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