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Fatin is an air mesh fabric of a polyester thread. As a rule, the density of such a canvas reaches 15-40 g per square meter. Today, many types of tulle are produced: matte, translucent, shiny, patterned, etc. To a large extent, it is similar to tulle, but still has distinctive features: smoothness, uniformity, etc.

Possessing many positive qualities (does not wrinkle, keeps its shape, does not deform), fatinobreli widely used in the world of fashionable clothes and home textiles. Such material is widely used to create lush skirts and petticoats, wedding dresses, designer curtains, handicraft items. Qualitative hard and soft Turkish tulle can be bought in bulk in the Fabric5. Reasonable prices and a wide color palette leave a chance to realize the most courageous fantasy designer.















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