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Infrequently, the inventors of the new fabric are prepared to become Nobel Prize winners. But the developers fleece succeeded. Important chemical calculations were embodied in creating a soft, brushed, elastic material. Delicate fleece may differ in the degree of density, which is responsible for the structure of weaving and the thickness of the fibers.

Our online project presents excellent types of innovative material, plain and imprinted. It is better to buy fleece in bulk — the purchased material will do a good job when sewing useful and original gizmos.

Fabric perfectly accumulates heat, provides ventilation, removes moisture, dries at lightning speed. Fleece is wear-resistant, it is not deformed at all during washing and operation, demonstrates excellent anti-peeling properties in the process of wearing.
It produces warm blankets and comfortable blankets, practical bedspreads and comfortable pillows. Brushed fabric is used in the manufacture of sportswear, jackets, sweatshirts, children’s overalls, scarves, hats and mittens. In addition, warm fleece — the best candidate for the role of high-quality insulation for outerwear.









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