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Doubting the choice of fabric for special professional clothing, pay attention to gabardine. This wear-resistant and low-tear type of fabric is available for any budget. Despite its dense structure, wearing gabardine in a sock will delight you with its softness, and in caring it will be unpretentious. If you buy gabardine in bulk in our online store, then you can forget about changing uniforms for your employees for several years. Also, gabardine is used when sewing coats, coats, suits, trousers and dresses. In the manufacture of furniture, gabardine is used as upholstery fabric, due to the fact that stains are removed from the fabric quite easily.
Thanks to the special identical weaving in a gabardine suit, comfortable in any weather. A completely synthetic composition of the fabric makes it very durable. Another advantage is its ability to slightly repel moisture. The density of the fabric ranges from 200 to 250 g / m2. On the front side you can see the diagonal interweaving. Invented gabardine in the XIX century, Thomas Burbury, the creator of the famous British company Burberry.

If you want to buy gabardine in bulk, then we have a current color palette and several types of gabardine. High quality fabrics are available from manufacturers in Taiwan and China. Prices will please you, but the quality will not let you down.













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