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Grinding machines


The grinder of belt type is used for surface treatment, it will help you to clean the varnish or paint from the floor before the new treatment, prepare the garden house for painting, tear off the rust from the metal, process the wood. It can be used for grinding not only different kinds of plastics, wood, but also metal, as well as other various materials for construction.

If you paid special attention to any of the copies presented on our website, you can buy a belt grinder at the best price with a guarantee by filling out the order form and specifying your data for feedback, or by calling the telephone number listed above. . The number of tasks with which this device is capable to cope is quite large. Productivity is also quite high, it is perfect for processing flat large surfaces.


Bosch GBS 75 AE

Makita 9910

Makita 9911

Makita 9404

Makita 9903

Bosch PBS 75 A








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