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Makita 3710

Grip, mm: 6

Class: Professional Power

consumption, W: 530 Weight (tool),

kg: 1.5 Idling turns,

rpm: 35000



Makita 3710 — manual milling cutter, designed to perform precise milling work (cutting edges, grooves, profiles, ledges). With a guide roller is used for processing edges, and with a movable guide for chamfering.

Frazer 3710 has:

Powerful 530 W motor for demanding milling jobs;
Rack mechanism to ensure precise, infinitely adjustable milling depth;
Transparent guide plate to ensure optimal observation of the cutter and the material being processed;

Compact and convenient body shape for easy tool insertion.
Having bought a milling cutter manual Makita 3710, you receive the multipurpose tool for performance of joiner’s and carpentry works.







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