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Makita 9404

Size of sanding belt, mm: 100×620
Belt speed, m / min: 500
Class: Professional
Power consumption, W: 1200
Weight (tool), kg: 5.7





Makita 9404 is a powerful belt grinder designed for any coarse grinding work (roughing, leveling) on ​​large surfaces. The tape Makita 9404 car possesses: Powerful engine at 1010 W and excellent balancing for difficult operating conditions; System of automatic centering of a shlifenta for deduction of a tape in the correct working situation;
Electronic control system with a choice of speed depending on the properties of the material of the treated surface;
The unique design allowing to carry out grinding right up to the edge of the processed surface;
Dust bag and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanliness of the treated surface.
Having bought the Makita 9404 belt grinder, you will receive a reliable tool for performing machining work.







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