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Makita LC 1230

Class: Professional
Power consumption, W: 1750
Diameter of a disk, mm: 305
Disc fit, mm: 25.4
Depth spent on drink 90 °, mm: 100
Depth spent on drink 45 °, mm: 85
Weight (tool), kg: 19.3
Idling turns, rpm: 1300

Makita LC 1230 — assembly saw for precise cutting of blanks from steel, aluminum, copper, iron, plastic, steel profiles and cable channels. Clean cutting without smoke and sparks.

The LC 1230 mounting saw has:

Powerful 1750 W motor for high cutting performance;
Protective casing;
An emphasis for cutting ranging from 0 ° to 45 ° with fastening the workpieces without a special tool;
Spindle lock for quick and easy tool replacement.
By purchasing a Makita LC 1230 cutting machine, you will receive a reliable tool for cutting metal profiles or steel pipes.






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