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Makita LS 1040

Class: Professional
Power consumption, W: 1650
Diameter of a disk, mm: 255
Landing disc, mm: 30
Depth spent on drink 90 °, mm: 93х95
Cutting depth 45 °, mm: 93×67
Range of tilt angles left / right, °: 45 / —
Rotation angle range left / right, °: 45/52
Weight (tools), kg: 12.4
Idling turns, rpm: 4600

Makita LS 1040 — miter saw, designed for processing blanks of wood, non-ferrous metals and plastic.

The saw miter LS 1040 has:

Powerful 1650 W motor with brake system;
Protective cover for safe operation;
The possibility of tilting the cutting head in the vertical plane of cutting to the left up to 45 °;
The ability to rotate the saw in the horizontal plane to the left up to 45 ° and to the right up to 52 °;
Saw blade with a diameter of 255 mm, providing high cutting performance of 93 x 95 mm at an angle of 90 ° and 93 x 67 mm at an angle of 45 °;
Spindle lock for quick and easy disk replacement;
The ergonomic handle for ensuring bigger control and comfort in work;
Double protective insulation;
Dust collector (fabric bag) to improve safety;
The possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner.
By purchasing a miter saw Makita LS 1040, you get a multifunctional tool for performing work on cutting hard and soft materials.






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