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Makita RP 1801 FX

Max. cutter stroke, mm: 70
Grip, mm: 6/8/12
Class: Professional
Power consumption, W: 1650
Weight (tool), kg: 6
Idling turns, rpm: 22000

Makita RP 1801 FX — manual milling cutter, designed for cutting out a shaped profile, making holes in doors for locks and hinges, etc.

Milling cutter RP 1801 FX has:

Powerful 1650 watt motor;
The possibility of connecting the vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanliness of the workplace;
Adjustment of depth of processing for more exact work;
Parallel focus with fine tuning;
Electronic engine braking system;
Dual LED flashlight with afterglow function;
Ergonomic handles with soft pad for comfortable and safe work;
Double protective insulation.
Having bought a milling cutter manual Makita RP 1801 FX, you receive the multipurpose tool for performance of joiner’s and carpentry works.







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