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Metabo BS 18 LT

Class: professional
Type: Unstressed
Power Source: Battery
Battery capacity, Ah: 2
Battery voltage, V: 18
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Max. diameter of drilling (wood), mm: 38
Max. drilling diameter (metal), mm: 13
Modes: Drilling, Twisting
Weight, kg: 1.8
Chuck type: fast-locking
Number of work speeds: 2
Max. torque, Nm: 60
Idling turns, rpm: 1600

The Metabo BS 18 LT cordless drill driver is a very powerful tool thanks to a 4-pole motor for drilling any materials and tightening / unscrewing the screws.

Features Metabo BS 18 LT:

drilling spindle with an internal hexagon for work without cartridge;
with a convenient hook for carrying the tool on the belt and with a compartment for attachments;
Ultra M technology, allows for optimal use of energy, provides maximum power, and also such a battery pack fits all Metabo tools and chargers of the same capacity;

integrated lighting for working area lighting.
Additional technical characteristics of Metabo BS 18 LT:

The number of revolutions of idling rev / min .: at the 1st speed — 0-450; on the 2nd speed — 0-1600
Torque, Nm .: solid material — 60; soft material — 34
Spindle thread, inch: 1/2 -20.
Buying a drill-screwdriver Metabo BS 18 LT, as a result you will get accurate, more convenient and efficient work in all types of use of the tool.






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