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Metabo BS 18 LTX BL Q

Class: Professional
Type: Unstressed
Power Source: Battery
Battery capacity, Ah: 4
Battery voltage, V: 18
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Max. drilling diameter (wood), mm: 65
Max. drilling diameter (metal), mm: 13
Modes: Drilling, Twisting
Weight, kg: 2.3
Diameter of the cartridge, mm: 1,5-13
Chuck type: Fast-locking
Number of work speeds: 2
Idling turns, rpm: 0-500 / 0-1850
The maximum torque is rigid, Nm: 120
The maximum torque is soft, Nm: 60

Metabo BS 18 LTX BL Q — battery drill shurmovert for tightening screws and for drilling holes in wooden, metal, plastic surfaces. Equipped with an innovative brushless motor that allows you to work on a single battery charge for a long time, and also does not require service due to the lack of brushes.

Advantages of the Metabo BS 18 LTX BL Q drill screwdriver:

equipped with a spindle with an internal hexagon, which allows you to work without a cartridge neck for mounting in a diameter of 43 mm, which makes it possible to work with different diameter consumable elements;
adjustment of torque and speed for accurate work with different objects and for different tasks;
Ultra-M technology provides maximum power, gentle charging, optimum energy use and a long service life;
the battery is equipped with a discharge indicator to control the charge level and timely recharge;
it is completed with the additional handle for convenient performance of complex tasks;

pulsed mode for careful operation on a smooth surface, and also helps to pull out the stuck screws;
reliable, durable aluminum die-cast reducer ensures long tool life;
illumination of the working area for accurate work in dark or poorly lit rooms;
There is a hook for carrying the tool on the belt, which is possible to install on both sides.
The cordless drill screwdriver comes with a Metabo BS 18 LTX BLQ:

18 V batteries, 4 A / h — 2 pcs .;
keyless chuck;
holder for bits;
additional handle;
crochet hook;
plastic case.
Metabo BS 18 LTX BLQ is a cordless drill / driver for long-term single-charge operation due to its high capacity battery and brushless motor.






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