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Metabo KS 305 M

Class: professional
Power consumption, W: 2000
Diameter of a disk, mm: 305
Landing disc, mm: 30
Depth spent on drink 90 °, mm: 102
Cutting depth 45 °, mm: 60
Range of tilt angles left / right, °: 47/2
Rotation angle range left / right, °: 52/52
Weight (tool), kg: 17
Idling turns, rpm: 3700
Overall dimensions, mm: 600x600x600

Metabo KS 305 M — miter saw for cutting wood blanks with high cutting accuracy, thanks to reliable mounting of the saw head on the support.

Features miter saws Metabo KS 305 M:

compact and lightweight saw that can be carried with one hand;
robust construction thanks to an aluminum die-cast housing for the most demanding conditions;
quick adjustment of the most common angles using fixing points;
laser and LED lights for accurate indication of the cutting line and illumination of the working area;
smoothly retractable table extensions, removable, for installation under long panels, slats, etc .;

clamp for material securely holds the workpiece from above or in front;
saw head tilts to the left, with an additional angular range for undercut;
clear scales and controls for good visibility from the working position;
easy replacement of the saw blade due to spindle lock.
The miter saw Metabo KS 305 M comes with:
carbide saw blade (56 teeth);
two built-in table extensions;
tortsovochny emphasis;
additional emphasis;
clip for material;
tool for changing the saw blade;
bag for collecting sawdust.







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