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Metabo KS 66

Class: Professional
Power consumption, W: 1400
Diameter of a disk, mm: 190
Power Source: Network
Landing disc, mm: 30
Depth spent on drink 90 °, mm: 66
Cutting depth 45 °, mm: 47
Weight (tool), kg: 5.5
Idling turns, rpm: 4200
Metabo KS 66 — electric circular saw for cutting wooden parts. Comfortable design, solid foundation create a comfortable handicraft on wood.

Advantages of the Metabo KS 66 circular saw:

the release clutch automatically shuts off the disk in the event of a tool jamming and other problems;
it is possible to adjust the angle of cut to 45 ° for various forms of detail;
for more comfortable work connects the vacuum cleaner, and if not possible, the nozzle is rotated in the right direction to emit sawdust;
carbon brushes are automatically turned off, which increases the service life of the engine;
solid base with linear marking for precise cutting of the workpiece of the desired width;

lubrication of the internal elements of the gearbox ensures high-quality saw operation for many years.
The Metabo KS 66 circular saw is completed:

disk on wood 14 teeth;
parallel stop;
hex key.
Metabo KS 66 — professional circular saw for cutting boards, cutting wood parts in the workshop, at the construction site, etc.







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