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Metabo Of E 1229 Signal

Max. cutter stroke, mm: 50
Grip, mm: 8
Power consumption, W: 1200
Weight (tools), kg: 3.5
Idling turns, rpm: 5000-25500

Metabo Of E 1229 Signal is a milling cutter for working with wooden parts, for cutting holes, grooves, slopes, etc. The electronic adjustment of revolutions facilitates precise work with different types of material and load.

Features of a milling cutter of Metabo Of E 1229 Signal:

dial indicator for setting the milling depth with an accuracy of 0.1 mm;
a three-stage emphasis for installation to 3 various values ​​of depth of milling;
stable and torsion resistant guide with 2 columns for maximum accuracy;
hardened and ground replaceable collet chuck for precise circular movement of the tools used;
spindle lock to facilitate the replacement of cutters;
adjusting wheel for setting the speed;
overload protection: protects the engine from overheating;
die-cast aluminum die-casting backing plate for easy sliding;
switchable carbon brushes to protect the engine;
parallel stop in prismatic guides with fine adjustment for precise milling;
the ability to connect a universal vacuum cleaner.

Metabo Of E 1229 Signal comes with the following accessories:

parallel stop with fine adjustment;
dial indicator for fine adjustment;
connecting element for dust removal;







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