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A screwdriver is an electrical tool for loosening and tightening fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.). Also electric screwdriver characteristic feature — drilling. By power source screwdrivers are divided into:

• battery

• network

Cordless screwdrivers are popular for maneuverability and mobility. Such a tool is convenient to use on a construction site without connecting to the network. The functionality of the screwdriver is also influenced by the number of stages of torque, with the help of which the exact speed and force of twisting in a soft or hard material is established. Screwdriver with battery — an indispensable tool in the country, in the house, in the garage. Thanks to new technologies for manufacturing batteries without memory effect, the screwdriver is recharged at any time, which increases the advantage of this tool.
Manufacturers of cordless screwdrivers for long-term work are completed with 2 batteries and high-speed chargers.
There are more than 500 cordless screwdrivers on the Ukrainian market, both for domestic and professional use.

The network screwdriver is intended for long work without breaks. High torque professional electric screwdriver allows you to work with hard materials, large diameters of drills and fasteners. For example, a network screwdriver with a torque of 60 Nm and more is capable of twisting long screws into solid, dry wood. For work with durable building materials (stone, concrete, brick), as well as for complex fasteners suitable network screwdriver with a shock mode.

DeWalt DCD 771 C2

Metabo BS 18 LT

Metabo PowerMaxx BS Quick Pro

Metabo BS 18

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