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Suit fabrics

Costume fabrics are a wide group of fabrics used for sewing trousers, skirts, dresses, suits and uniforms for all seasons of the year. According to their composition, they are divided into natural, synthetic and mixed. Natural matter is endowed with breathability and softness to the touch. These are pure wool fabrics, as well as wool fabrics with added silk or cotton threads.
Increases the durability of materials, the addition of elastane. Its small percentage in the natural basis makes the fabric less susceptible to pollution, it is well maintained form, obediently adjacent to the body. Therefore, many studios tend to buy costume fabrics in bulk mixed in the composition of the category.
The most popular of this group are Pikachu, Turkish spandex, etc. It is worth remembering that this matter is characterized by slight shrinkage. Combining polyester and viscose significantly increases the strength of the fabric. At the same time it is endowed with good hygroscopicity and softness. In the serial release often found children’s and school clothes, costumes for women and teenagers.









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